Candidate Services

As a candidate you can be assured of our expert industry knowledge, but most importantly we appreciate and value the emotional transition that is attached to each individuals decision to 'make that move'.

We value our candidates as many become our future clients. Armed with industry expertise and genuine care we quickly assure our candidates that we support them fully in making an informed choice about their future. To simplify, by working closely with and understanding your individual needs you are safe with us. We will never apply pressure to you, we do not believe in that. Respect and understanding are the keys to finding you the next move in leveraging your career.

We will fully prepare you for your meetings and ensure that the feedback you want to give is passed onto our clients.

Most importantly, we believe in anonymity. Therefore, until you agree to meet with our clients we will protect your identity and dedicate ourselves to your market reputation. Your CV or other personal information will not be sent out without your express permission. Our first presentation to our clients guarantees that initially they will not have personally identifiable information about you. This includes both your name, current and recent company details. Our continued success has only been achievable by genuinely caring about our candidates' future and providing a confidential, thorough and pain free supportive recruitment process.

Many candidates come to us through personal referral from people we have helped. We value the fact that our respect and trust us.

'We will shape your future'

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